Club Guidelines

Club guidelines.

  1. Maintain a lawful, respectful and prestige image of the club at all times.
  2. Respect, assist and show good fellowship to each member.
  3. Respect each member’s property/belongings.
  4. Promote the club and rodding in a positive way.
  5. Remember when joining this club, you will be part of a team, not an individual.
  6. Attend club events and meetings.
  7. Members that wish to bring a visitor that is not a direct family member must contact the club president.
  8. Encourage families to participate in our social events.
  9. Donate and assist in all club fund raising events, & Xmas raffle.
  10. Only club approved vehicles at club events (primary cars preferred).
  11. Maintain a high and safe standard of street rods, custom and muscle cars that satisfies our clubs requirements.
  12. Display safe and fun driving at all times.
  13. Respect the club jacket. It must not be defaced or have additional badges.
  14. Club jacket must only be worn by the member to whom it was presented.
  15. Remember the club jacket remains the property of the club.
  16. Wear the club jacket and apparel with pride.
  17. Wear club apparel at all club and car events, meetings and outings.
  18. Respect and care for our nominated club house/venue.
  19. Respect and care for other clubs’ venues.
  20. Abide by and have full understanding of our club constitution and the ASRF rulings.
  21. Abide by and respect all club rules and decisions.
  22. Stand down others who show disrespect for our club.
  23. Ensure club fees are paid on time.
  24. Commit and attend events that you have originally enlisted for.
  25. If unable to attend a club meeting, notify the committee with your apology.
  26. Respond to all club emails/messages regardless if attending or not.
  27. Enjoy and have fun.


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