C and K Enterprise Agreement

(a) It is provided in this Agreement that the Union shall not assert or assert any additional claims for improved wages or other conditions of employment until 30 June 2011, with the exception of the Diocese of Lismore with respect to: (a) Subject to this sub-clause, an employee shall have the right to take paternity leave for an uninterrupted period not exceeding two weeks. Such leave shall be deducted from and shall not exceed the employee`s entitlement to personal leave in accordance with clause 18 of this Agreement. (i) `employment agency` means an undertaking (whether an organisation, undertaking, company, partnership, cooperative, sole proprietor, family trust or investment fund, company and/or person) which, as a commercial function or one of its commercial functions, must make available to another employer staff employed or hired by it in order to ensure that such staff are employed or hired for that person employer; provides work or services to another employer. (a) A casual worker who is regularly and systematically recruited by a particular employer for a series of periods of employment under this Agreement during a six-month calendar period shall then have the right to convert his or her current employment contract into full-time or part-time employment of indefinite duration if the employment is covered by permanent employment. it is also planned to continue. the conversion procedure prescribed in this subparagraph. Workers are not entitled to more than one hour and/or less than half an hour a day for lunch and/or dinner if work continues after 6.30 p.m. .m. This meal break must be taken no later than the fifth hour of work per day, unless mutually agreed between the employer and the employee. Such a meal break is not considered working time and is not remunerated. 4.2 Uninterrupted activity with an employer at the time of entry into force of this Agreement shall be recognized by another employer for the purposes of this Annex, provided that: In the event of a dispute over the application or implementation of this clause, the matter shall be dealt with in accordance with the dispute settlement procedure of this Agreement.

(b) The parties agree that wage increases provided for in this Agreement will supersede wage improvements provided for in a fair work australia decision (including a state wage waiver decision) issued before or during the nominal term of this Agreement and until July 1, 2011, and that no claim for such increases may be claimed. (a) Where a worker is required to wear a uniform, including a laboratory coat, such uniform shall be provided by the employer and washed at the expense of the employer or by mutual agreement, that employee shall receive an amount in accordance with point 8 of Table 2 – Other rates and allowances as laundry allowances. (b) access to the annual leave referred to in point (a) of this sub-clause excludes the period of closure provided for elsewhere in this Agreement; Where excessive payments are made in circumstances which were not obvious to the worker or which could not reasonably be expected to be established, the parties concerned shall endeavour to reach agreement on the issue of the overpayment and its reimbursement, including, where appropriate and appropriate, a discussion between the trade union concerned and the representatives of the employers concerned. (c) The Employee shall be remunerated at the hourly rate applicable to the position referred to in this clause 8 of the Agreement for the work he or she performs. (l) where an employer has arrangements which, in agreement with the Union, are more generous than those provided for in this clause, those arrangements shall continue to apply; having full authority to act in this regard on behalf of the new employer, taking into account the employee`s consent to employment by the new employer and taking into account the payment of long-term leave payments to the new employer in respect of the new employee, AGREE and agree to grant the new employee any long period of leave (or payments in lieu of long-term leave) to the new employee to whom he or she may have right under the act, schedule/agreement or agreement and agreement, notwithstanding the fact that the new employer can no longer be a party to the agreement at the time of the due date of such leave or payment. (d) Protective clothing, uniforms or rubber gloves provided in accordance with this Agreement remain the property of the employer and are returned upon termination of employment. (g) after the conclusion of an agreement referred to in point (f), the worker shall have access to full-time or part-time employment; If there are disputes about the rules to be applied to an employee moving from casual work to full-time or part-time employment, these will be resolved to the extent possible and with dispatch as part of the dispute resolution process. (b) the employer and the employee agree on the period during which the employee has the right not to be available to participate in the work; Without an agreement, the employee has the right to be unavailable to participate in the work for up to 48 hours (i.e.

two days) per occasion. The casual worker is not entitled to a payment for the period of non-participation. (f) For newly qualified workers in accordance with point (a) during the term of this Agreement, employers shall calculate the average hours of work performed in accordance with point (c). All employees are entitled to a 10-minute tea break per day between the second and third hours from the start time, unless mutually agreed between the employee and the employer. This tea break is counted as working time. An employee may, with the consent of the employer, choose to work a “catch-up period” during which he takes a break from normal working hours and works those hours at a later date during the distribution of normal working time at the normal wage rate provided for in the agreement. (b) notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement. accept the employer`s request for this agreement to be set out in writing. If the worker does not agree, leave shall be taken in accordance with this paragraph.

An employee who has applied for a transfer of his or her entitlements to permanent leave and recognition of eligible service will receive correspondence from his or her new employer informing him or her that these entitlements have been transferred to him or her on his or her behalf and that these entitlements continue to accrue in accordance with the agreement under which the employee is hired. (i) the terms of the agreement as amended by the agreement; and (b) the provisions of subclauses 25.4 and 25.5 of this clause apply only to employers who employ 15 or more employees immediately prior to the end of the employees` employment relationship, without limitation to employees covered by this Agreement. (a) Subject to the employee`s written consent, an employee may be hired to hold two positions under this clause 8 of this Agreement. Subject to sub-clause 20.3 of this Agreement, the amount of long-term leave to which an employee is entitled in respect of the service provided on or after January 30, 2006 and on or after January 30, 2006 is as follows: (e) The employee must notify the employer in writing of the employee`s request to join a fund under this Agreement. (iii) any other pension fund authorised in accordance with the Commonwealth operating standards for occupational pension funds to which the employee may join and which is approved by the employer as a fund in which an employee of that employer may elect to have the employer pay contributions for that employee in accordance with this Agreement, including any Catholic diocesan pension fund existing at the time of this Agreement; that is approved in accordance with the standards and is approved by the employer. Except as expressly provided in the provisions of this clause, the provisions of the Act apply to employees employed on the basis of agreements. (g) If a worker works more than the unlimited hours calculated in subparagraph (c), he or she shall be employed temporarily during those overtime hours. Overtime is not guaranteed and does not entail overtime pay unless it exceeds the normal hours of a full-time employee as defined in this Agreement.

If the parties do not reach an agreement, the dispute settlement procedure provided for in Article 27, Dispute Settlement Procedure, should be followed. (c) Notwithstanding what is contained elsewhere in this Agreement, the provisions of paragraphs 25.4 and 25.5 of this clause do not apply to employees whose uninterrupted service is less than one year. The parties to the agreement agree that the needs of a school may require work during school holidays and that workers are expected to be flexible to ensure that these needs are met, even if this may require school attendance during school holidays. School holidays do not mean “student-free days” when employees participate in work. The following terms, when used in this Agreement, have the following meanings: 4. I agree that any vacation amount to which I am entitled under the Long-Term Leave Act 1955 (NSW) (the “Act”), the Schedule or an Agreement may be transferred to my new employer, and I AUTHORIZE and direct my former employer to transfer such amounts to my new employer. . . .

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