Club Mission

Our mission is to promote hot rodding by having quality vehicles that comply with Australian Street Rodding Federation regulations and act in accordance with the high standards that the club sets for it. There are club inspections to ensure that the cars run in a safe manner for the security and the enjoyment of all. Having committed club members, who display their vehicles at events including fundraising activities and carrying out certain charities throughout the year.

Because we are a restricted hot rod club in vehicles and numbers, potential members undergo a nomination period in which they and their vehicles are scrutinized to ensure that the high expectations sought of members is achieved to the committee’s satisfaction. This guarantees a high level of vehicles and respected club members, accompanied with a stable, committed and active committee that ensures proper management, organization and promotion of our great club. 

We are very active throughout the year with attending numerous events in the summer period and club related activities in the winter periods that allow club members and their families to become great friends. We also have a large range of promotional merchandise that is worn proudly by members and can be purchased by others. Due to hard work and the efforts from all, we are near capacity, which is a great achievement considering the short existence of our club. We are always looking for future members that share our vision, passion and can add excitement that will ensure the success and future of our club.

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