Club Permit LogBook Crackdown

Info via club Tech Advisor, please read carefully.


Just a heads up to all members, other car clubs, friends and followers. One of our members got pulled over today for a random police check. His logbook was filled in and signed but his sticker was not stuck in the left hand side of his logbook.  It was still on the VicRoads paperwork sitting in his glovebox so he was fined for it.  Also he got into an argument with the highway patrol officer about the section in the logbook where it says particulars of use, he wrote “cruise” The highway patrol unit said that he was incorrect and he had to write where he was attending.  I believe the highway patrol unit officer is incorrect there so I followed up with the head of the VicRoads club permit scheme department and they informed me it is impossible to write a place or an area because it is a day pass.

Also to clarify, ANYONE (not necessarily the vehicle owner) CAN SIGN THE LOGBOOK AND DRIVE THE VEHICLE AS LONG AS THEY ARE PERMITTED AND HOLD A VALID VICTORIAN DRIVERS LICENSE.   As long as it is signed and dated for the day. So, hopefully these photos and this information will help a few members that are unsure or are new to the club permit scheme
📝Step 1    VicRoads will send you out a new renewal form every 12 months.
Step 2              You contact your club once you have received your renewal form and have it signed by a signatory.
Step 3              Once it’s signed you visit your local VicRoads office and you pay for your 45 OR 90 day club permit. While you are there, VicRoads will ask you to sign the bottom half of your renewal form.
Step 4              When you get home with your paperwork, you need to put your maroon registration sticker on the windscreen of your vehicle. Note: The maroon registration sticker is located on the top right hand corner of your renewal form.

Step 5:             On the top LEFT hand side of your renewal form is ANOTHER STICKER. This needs to be attached behind the front page of your Club Permit Logbook.

Step 6:             Lastly, all you need to do is sign the book with the date, particulars of use (i.e. Cruise) full name of driver and signature of driver. Just remember it is a 24 hour day pass only!

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